Swim with Dolphinin in Miyake island Japan 
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Please e-mail us for inquiries and reservations.
e-mail dcmiyakeis@gmail.com
Flow from inquiry to arrival
First, please book your return transportation and accommodation.
(We can also introduce Partner Inn) 
MIYAKEJIMA TOURIST ASSOCIATION  Tokai Kisen New Central Airservice
1.Think about your travel dates and activities during your stay. 
Please refer to this price list for activities and their fees. Price list
2.Please contact us
Please contact us by e-mail once your desired date and activity have been determined.
Matters necessary for inquiry
Name / gender / age / mobile phone number
Day of departure (day when you leave Tokyo Takeshiba Pier or Fuchu Airport)
Arrival date (in the case of a ferry, the day after departure)
Day of leaving Miyakejima
The number of people including you
⑥Transportation (please inform in case of flight, Miyakejima departure time or arrival time, in case of
Mikura or Hachijo departure / arriving)
Name of stay and length of stay
Desired activity and desired number of times
Question, request, etc.
3.Reservation decision 
We will contact you from miyake@dolphin-club.jp after adjustment.
4.Please let us know the necessary information
・ Please let us know the swimming abilities of all members. Your name, the number of diving experiences,  the number of snorkeling experiences, and the distance you can swim continuously. (Example: diving 0,  snorkeling 10 100m swimming)
・ If you wish to rent equipment, please add the name, gender, and equipment to be borrowed.
 In the case of a wet suit → height, weight
 In the case of fins (foot fins) and boots → foot size
 Please let me know.
・ In the case of Dolphin Swim, it is necessary to make a boarding roster necessary matters: Name of all, gender, age, address, emergency contact, relationship with emergency contact (example: father), please inform us.
5.The day of the trip 
Movement from port / airport to lodging
There is a local bus service from the port to the hotel, but we also accept pick-up and drop-off by car, so please contact us at time of booking. 
About breakfast and nap on arrival 
In the case of a ferry, please make a reservation in advance if you need a nap or breakfast on Miyakejima arrival day (early arrival). (Short sleep time may cause seasickness. In addition, it may be difficult to equalize your ears underwater. We recommend taking a nap as much as possible.)
There is no convenience store on the island.
Depending on the area, there are shops open from 7:00 AM. However, if you do not require breakfast at the hotel, we recommend you prepare your own before boarding.
There is a convenience store around Tokyo Takeshiba, but it may be crowded during busy season. 

Please be careful.
We look forward to seeing you in the beautiful Miyake sea.
Written by Nobuhisa Ueda 
Dolphin Club Miyakejima 
1813-1, Ako, Miyake-mura Miyakejima, Tokyo, 100-1212, Japan 
TEL&FAX 04994-8-5010 
E-mail  dcmiyakeis@gmail.com
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